Partenariat pour le développement des communautés

Inscription / Registration

N.B. : Members who are interested in overseas missions must, in addition to registering, print the attached non-corruption declaration, sign it, and return it to PARDEC by fax, internet or mail based on the following information:

Partenariat pour le Développement des Communautés (PARDEC)
6450, avenue Christophe-Colomb, 
Montréal, QC, Canada, H2S 2G7 
TEL: (514) 690-5222
Fax : (514) 843 - 3061
E-mail :

The benefits of a PARDEC membership :

Right to vote at the annual general meeting
Representing the organization, if the member is so designated, at various meetings with partners or collaborators
Privileged access to announcements for overseas missions
Publication of a brief curriculum vitae in the membership roster, for internal communications
Participation in the project team, according to interest and professional background

The Canadian citizenship or the permanent resident status in Canada are necessary to become a member of PARDEC.

Any entity, whether an individual or an organization, can become a member of PARDEC as long as it respects the philosophy and ethics of the organization and as long as it accepts to support it, or to volunteer its services in favour of communities in the southern hemisphere.