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Implementing Solar Energy in the St Célestin de  Sovleignie Health Unit

Completed in 2013

Éducation pour la santé et la promotion de l'emploi (EPSPE)

Fondation Louise Grenier 


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In order to contribute to the improvement of first line health services in rural areas, PARDEC installed an autonomous solar energy system at the Saint Célestin de Sovlegnie health unit. The system allows for lighting and ventilation of the health unit, as well as the energy supply to the 180-liter solar refrigerator, which was installed to conserve drugs and vaccines, and finally a television that allows access to information for the unit’s staff and clients. The addition of a special electrical plug that recharges cell phones allows villagers to communicate with the whole world. Thanks to this project, the number of vaccinated individuals has increased and the rates of women’s and children’s mortality decreased.


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