• Emphasizes the improvement of women’s and children’s living conditions, which we consider the two paramount indicators of the level of development of any community.



  • Guided by international development professionals, whether still active or retired, most of them volunteers; our organization support and accompanies local associations from countries  in the definition, development and implementation and management of their sustainable projects.
  • An apolitical, non-profit, international cooperation organization  located in Montreal, Canada.


Last news

Partenariat pour le développement des communautés


  • Quebec : The Caisse Desjardins De Lorimier supports a new initiative from PARDEC entitled ''Together for a prosperous Rosemont''.
  • Uganda  : The mission report prepared by the team of volunteers made up of health and education professionals following their visit to Uganda is now available. Please click here to read it.  
  •  D.R. Congo : The first container filled with 27,000 books destined  to the Baptist Community of the Congo River was delivered on Saturday October 20th. Book distribution among schools is to take place in mid-November.
  • Haiti : As part of a project entitled ''Promotion of editorial diversity for an asymetric cooperation between Quebec and Haiti'' Pardec will welcomeits Haitian partner, the General Manager of the Direction nationale du livre (DNL)  in mid-November.

    ​Contact us online at info@pardec.org for additional information.

Return of our volunteers after a mission of support and evaluation of our project of literacy of the children in Uganda.