Partenariat pour le développement des communautés


Port-au-Prince / Haiti: PARDEC consults the limited committee of book professionals about their participation in the Salon du livre de Montréal.



  • Quebec :  Following the consultation with a Quebec native community on the impact of climate change, we are currently designing with the community an integrated project which will help the Ekuanitshit community to become more resilient.

  • Haiti :  PARDEC has been assisting the direction nationale du livre ( DNL) in Haiti since 2015. We will invite a Haitian delegation of book publishers to the 2019 of the Montreal book fair which is held every November. This invitation is part of Phase 3 of our assistance program which involves the promotion of published materials within the context of an asymmetric cooperation between Quebec and Haiti..  
  • DR Congo :  After having supplied beds, mattresses and first aid kits to the Mboko Health Center, PARDEC will equip the center with a small-scale solar unit to supply electricity, lighting and ventilation to the delivery room as well as other rooms. 
  • DR Congo :  PARDEC is to support the community kitchen of the Centre Marie Mère des pauvres (CMMP), a organization headed by un in a suburb of Kinshasa. This support will help the association to improve the nutrition of under privileged individuals.

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  • Emphasizes the improvement of women’s and children’s living conditions, which we consider the two paramount indicators of the level of development of any community.



  • Guided by international development professionals, whether still active or retired, most of them volunteers; our organization support and accompanies local associations from countries  in the definition, development and implementation and management of their sustainable projects.
  • An apolitical, non-profit, international cooperation organization  located in Montreal, Canada.


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