Partenariat pour le développement des communautés

Founder & General Manager

Program manager in various agencies and organizations responsible for international and local development

Treasurer and Financial Controller

Financier with more than twelve years of experience in accounting and finance


Holds a master's degree in industrial relations and a human resources manager in the engineering sector for a major telecommunications company.

Baudouin Kutuka Makasi

Kay Osman

Mustapha IFREZ

Camille Barone

Olivier Houle Ouellette

Lawyer with more than six years’ experience in project management with international funding agencies in the area of good governance.


Secretary and communication coordinator

Graduate in economics and international studies with more than four years experience in international development

President of the Board of Directors

Project Director and Administrative Director of consulting companies specialized in technical assistance and international cooperation

Marguerite KEPHART

Responsibility within PARDEC



The Board of Directors is small, experienced and dynamic. Its mission is to ensure that the organization’s ethical standards are respected, that the organization operates effectively, to monitor the implementation of the recommendations adopted during the annual general meeting, to validate the tools and procedures developed by management, to support the implementation of the organization’s projects, and to support management’s fund raising efforts in order to ensure the sound operation of the organization. The Board of Directors includes five voting members and the organization’s General Manager (updated: 2018 October 25th).

Board of Directors