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Fondation pédiatrique de Kimbondo

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The orphanage run by the Fondation pédiatrique de Kimbondo (FPK) houses 900 orphans or abandoned children who are victims of armed confict as well as the current socio-economic crisis in the D.R. Congo.  Aged 0 to 17 years, the ALL benefit from a second chance, as they are fed, housed, taken care of and educated free of charge by the FPK. The project’s goal is to rehabilitate one of the agricultural areas owned by the FPK in order to ensure the food self sufficiency of the orphanage  and to self-finance other activities through the sale of surplus food. This double objective is reached  through(1) the development of horticulture, (2) the resumption of chicken farming , and  (3) the rehabilitation of pisciculture.

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