Partenariat pour le développement des communautés

International cooperation has certainly proved its worth in the past decades and developing countries in the Southern hemisphere have benefited from it. However, it suffers from serious weaknesses in its present form as it relates to the necessity for local stakeholder participation in the identification of their needs, as well as in the execution of their own development. Current development strategies, due to low local community participation in the definition of their own future, have a tendency to maintain dependency on a system which is characterized by international assistance that is not well adapted to the needs of the countries located in the Southern hemisphere. Consequently, the results of development assistance are often limited and inadequate.

To reverse this trend, various organizations committed to greater international cooperation have started promoting and supporting efforts by and for local communities to take their future in their own hands.

CODEP bases its approach on this new trend and partners with various organizations with a view to contributing to greater international cooperation for a better world. Your coming to this website and your interest in CODEP, mean that you are committed by the same token to support developing communities in their fight against poverty, to promote their autonomy as well as the improvement of their health.

North-South partnership