Partenariat pour le développement des communautés

Inauguration of the solar power station at the Saint Célestin Sovleignie health unit in Benin 


  • Benin : Four years after the Saint Célestin Sovlègnie local health center was equipped with photovoltaic solar energy and solar refrigerators for the conservation of drugs and vaccine, the results are there: lighting now allow for night deliveries to take place, and the rate of vaccination of children from zero to five has substantially increased.
  • Montreal : As part of our  program to enhance education and commitment to international solidarity, we have been working with local partners on raising awareness and welcoming immigrants that entered Quebec through its southern border with the US and who have settled in the Rosemont and St Michel neighbourhoods of Montreal.
  •  D.R. Congo : We are strengthening our collaboration with the Baptist Community of the Congo River and Kinshasa's City Hall by assisting with the fitting out of, and supply of books to, several school and municipal libraries  in Kinshasa.
  • Senegal: Consultations with the Urban Directorate for Education and Assistance to Youth at the Dakar City Hall have been proceeding at a fast pace for the development of a project whose objective is to assist  school libraries in Dakar and to supply them with books.

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  • Emphasizes the improvement of women’s and children’s living conditions, which we consider the two paramount indicators of the level of development of any community.



  • Guided by international development professionals, whether still active or retired, most of them volunteers; our organization support and accompanies local associations from countries  in the definition, development and implementation and management of their sustainable projects.
  • An apolitical, non-profit, international cooperation organization  located in Montreal, Canada.


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